lazy american women satire

Mexican chief scientist: American women are the laziest women in the world!

“American women complain about everything,” says a Mexican researcher.

In recent days, the world’s research community has had a lot of fun at the expense of American women. Not only does it prove that American women are the laziest in the world, but in addition, they are, by comparison, also the women in the world who definitely complain and whine the most.

– American men should have had a medal and a diploma, according to the world-renowned Mexican scientist Pablo El Hefe.


American women as they have become in 2019. Relaxing on the couch with a snack “because they deserve it” while the man takes care of children and household chores. Now world-renowned researchers are warning of a hazardous trend where American women are getting slower and slower while complaining more and more.

The man is raising the children

According to the worldwide survey, American women are in a very separate division when it comes to laziness.

– It is on the verge of banality when we look at the tasks American men do in relation to the American women, says the Mexican award-winning researcher; “In addition to the fact that the man largely takes care of the family financially, it now appears that the man also takes care of children, washing and cooking to a much greater extent than American women,” the researcher says, shocked.

Deserves medal

The report, published in 78 countries, shows that American women take the least responsibility for children and domestic duties.

– Several of the researchers double-checked the result as this showed directly lazy women, says one of the researchers who led the big test. – After voting turned out, we all concluded that American men deserve a medal for the effort and everyday life they have to go through, says the same researcher laughingly. She does not understand that American men accept the laziness and not least the overwhelming complaining from all American women.

“The most shocking thing about this is that it may look like in the United States of America, now a slightly misunderstood equality where the man should do everything, while the woman must lie on the couch to empower herself,” the Mexican researcher concludes.

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