Talk about bad choices!

When 2 criminal men chose the place they were breaking into, they had no idea what tremendous bad choices they made. The rewards for the two burglars were neither new TV nor cash. They were 5 days of pure hell.

America’s most notorious rapist

The apartment the two poor people had broken into was the house of Harry Harrington. Harry is the most notorious gay rapist in America and just thinks it was enjoyable with visits from the 2 burglars. The days that followed resulted in the burglars thinking a little extra about the choices they were to make in life.

Well-known giant rapist: Of all apartments throughout the United States, these 2 burglars decided to break into this guys place.

Raped for 5 days

The case received a lot of attention all over the world and among other things, the website Moti News has described the event on its website. Here it appears that the 2 “unfortunate” burglars were mistreated and raped for 5 days. After a few days the police received reports from neighbours who reported pain screams and dunk sounds. When police arrived at the scene, the men were finally rescued from the giant rapist.