Family vacation became a major downer

The Ainsworth family from Kensington, England has recently returned from a 14-day holiday on the holiday island of Tenerife. The trip they had been looking forward to for many months was wiped out to a painful feeling in the stomach and a solid downturn in social media. Now his father is asking Facebook to drop the “likes” feature so other families don’t have to experience the same thing that he and his family did.

Posted 61 pictures, got 2 likes

The father is appointed spokesperson for the family. He is the only one who can “face the problem” in the media. He tells; “We took flight from Heathrow airport and were in a great mood! Me and my wife and our two teenagers all had fully charged smartphones and were eager to get started. As our 13-year-old daughter’s daughter posted the status;” On the way to Tenerife with family and 100 other sleepy morning faces, bye bye SUCKERS “she got NO likes. We all concluded that it was an early departure and that probably everyone was sleeping so we swallowed the downturn and jumped on the plane with still good mood” tells the father.

The countryside in Tenerife without electricity

“As the trip to Tenerife took almost 6 hours, no one had more battery left on the phone when we landed. We, therefore, did not check in at the airport on Facebook, but we agreed that after all there are bigger problems than that, so we started the trip to the hotel in a hot and cruel bus “tells the father further. After 3 hours the whole family was gathered at the hotel pool. As the motives appeared, the family began to take pictures and then post on Facebook. The father was first out with the following status: “the superfamily is at the pool. Poor fuckers who can’t experience this. Loosers!”. “This status got one likes! When this one like was from Chi Khuggard, that I have never met or who certainly didn’t even understand what it was, I have to admit that the panic didn’t just take me, but the whole family. Embarrassed and red-faced in the face and both children were reasonably embarrassed by their father’s, to say the least, “tells the desperate family father.


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“During dinner 4 hours later we were still embossed, but we had to eat” says his father. “We decided every now and then to head our head, grab and” crash the internet “as it is called. Lots of food pictures and pool shots from previous journeys and several selfies were shot out in less than an hour from the family. “Delicious to replace workmen and daughter-in-law with sun and alcohol” or “You are reasonably thick in your head if you sit at home in great England now” Cheers! “. “No likes, no comments and no sharing of our finest holiday photos evver” says the father now clearly annoyed, on the border of furious.

Never more holiday, never again Tenerife

“This is how the rest of the holiday went”, the father continues. “Some spasm-like pictures from the kids all the way gave 1 likes from father-in-law. He’s 86 years old and probably didn’t understand what he was printing at once so it doesn’t count.” “One thing is for sure; such vacations are neither relaxing nor pleasant. After returning home there is only one status from the family and it came from the wife when she wrote.” Someone who knows a good gynecologist is struggling with my ovaries. “This status has, paradoxically, received 75 likes and 23 comments,” the father stated.

In conclusion, the father says he has written to Facebook and asked them to remove the likes feature. “That feature is made by the devil himself,” he concludes …