A man was headbutted and got his jaw broken after an angry kangaroo attacked the man.

Was going to shoot the kangaroo

19-year-old Joshua Hayden tells that they were going to hunt for kangaroos that day and was driving in the car. Suddenly they saw three kangaroos standing around and taking it slow.

They stopped the car and Joshua got ready to shoot the kangaroo from the car window. The kangaroo wanted differently and attacked the car and Joshua.

This is what 19-year-old Joshua looked like after he tried to shoot the kangaroo. The jaw cracked and a longer visit to the hospital as the result.

Completely knocked out!

Joshua was knocked out completely and was unconscious for 30 seconds after the kangaroo attack. It kicked and headbutted Joshua and as a consequence, his jaw cracked and had to go to the hospital. The three “hunting comrades” say they shoot kangaroos to eat them, but they have never experienced this event before. Many believe the beating is deserved and takes pleasure in seing his yellow and blue face. Maybe he has put the hunt for a shelf for good. You can read the whole event here