Health Warning! Men get physically ill when shopping with the wife


Dear women – Go shopping alone from now on!

Men can react with breakdown and sudden death.

Most men has gone trough this hell year after year: Countless hours of “fun shopping”. Here women can be selfish beasts. They pretend they do not now that men can suddenly have a sudden breakdown, and in severe cases, fall over and die on the spot. The research on this has been conducted by the renowned Chinese researcher, No-Lik Cho Ping. This is not only a Chinese phenomenon! This afflicts men from around the planet. We have gathered exclusive documentation on this epidemic to raise awareness before it`s too late!


Viwer discretion is advised, for some, these images can be horrific to look at and cause emotional distress.  These images show men in the final stages of this deadly syndrome.


To try and save their own lives, these poor men have grouped together in an effort to comfort each other, and offer emotional support. All in an eerie silence.


These brave men have utilised the power of the internet, to seek help. Before their lives fade away…


Men set out on the street to feel shame and degradation, forced to carry the plunder from previous shops. Told to wait outside some lingerie shop.