greta thunberg

In recent months, a 16-year-old has masterminded that the earth should not go down. She is praying for the ending and destruction of the earth she and several others will live on for the next ten years. Older men with suits and power smile a little and shake their heads at the fussy environmental girl. “Bla bla” is the comment from several political leaders …

Must make money

A number of powerful figures in several countries are now beginning to get tired of the 16-year-old girl who, time after time, puts them in place. “It is great that she does not want the earth to collapse, but until the earth actually goes down we have to make money for others so that the stock exchanges do not collapse,” says a world leader who shakes his head a little bit at the girl’s engagement. “She needs to relax a little, but she’s nice then,” he says

Need to get all the oil up

More and more people are now worried that it is not enough to pull up all the oil in the world before the world goes down. “It would have been tragic if there would be many millions of barrels of oil left beneath the earth’s surface when the earth goes down,” said an oil industry spokesman who is not really interested in the earth’s environmental future as he will soon die.

What do you mean, is all this fuss about the environment annoying?