Norway is more or less out of business. Home office, quarantine rules and not least a cruel cabin ban characterize Norway these days. However, now it turns out that a number of people in social media can save us. It turns out that the same experts who know everything about climate and immigration also know the most about pandemics and not least how the government should fix this.

People need to calm down

A carpenter from Kløfta writes in a relatively aggressive comment that; “This is enough already. People need to calm down vigorously. Corona is exaggerated. The government is only out to scare people.” No professors or trained pandemic experts in Norway were aware of this.

“Obviously it helps us when we have such amazing resources and knowledgeable people in the comments section”

says the educated doctor with a doctorate in pandemics Svein-Rune Cabbage to TheHoppler.

This is over by Easter

Another happy news is that an unemployed 58-year-old from Nordreisa can tell us that this Corona thing is over by Easter. “Relax,” he writes. There is good news for both doctors, nurses and all of us others who did not know this.

“Thank God that we have so many experts in Norway who share their vast knowledge in the comments section on Facebook”

says infection control expert with 17 Ph.Ds.