Divorce skyrockets from quarantine

Several couples have already been quarantined for 2 weeks. This means a huge increase in the number of divorces and divorce lawyer Alexander Break can laugh all the way to the bank. “Only today have I got 3 new assignments. Primarily, there are women who want to divorce their lazy husbands,” he says.

Expects to become a multimillionaire

The lawyer says it has never been particularly lucrative to be a divorce lawyer. “Until now, ha ha ha” he laughs. He has received 19 new clients in the last 4 days who say they will be separating from their partner after sitting for days in quarantine. “After all, people are not used to this, most married couples have affairs and are not used to seeing each other this much,” says the lawyer.

The money is rolling in

He now expects, as a result of the Corona and quarantine provisions, to make so much money that he can retire when the pandemic is over. “Yes I take prepayment so when this is over I will most likely be multi-millionaire” he smiles. He points out that Corona is stupid for those who are infected and die, but for him, this has been a gold mine. “Yes this is fun” he ends as he coughs a little and says his throat itches a little.