doorman kicks out vegas

At the Bajazzen nightclub in Oslo – Norway, a vegan with a gluten allergy and nut allergy was denied entry to the premises. The doorman says he stands by his decision and that it was right to deny the person entrance. The doorman and nightclub are now being reported by the Norwegian trade union for vegan gluten allergy sufferers for racism.

So tired and angry

Managing Director at the nightclub Fjatt Krak Hoh, tells TheHoppler that the doorman refused the person entrance because he looked tired and aggressive. “The vegan threatened meat-eaters with beating and was very threatening,” she says. She thinks the vegan had a demeanour that was under every critic. “Such people should stay home with their cabbage root,” she says.

Does not eat cabbage root

TheHoppler has been talking to the Gluten Allergic Vegan Man with Nut Allergy. He says he doesn’t eat cabbage root. “No, I get a stomach ache,” says the man who also demands compensation for his defamation, pain and suffering. “I’m not sure what” defamation “really is, but I want it too. I don’t accept being treated this way,” he says.