monopoly bad loser

The dangers of board games

A woman in her 20s had to be picked up by health professionals on Saturday after losing in the famous game Monopoly. The woman is described as an insanely bad loser. After her loss, she started screaming, hitting and spitting the other for beating her in Monopoly.

Hospitalized for the rest of the week

“Right now we regard the woman as extremely unstable. She alternates between screaming rules in the game and saying that she requires a do-over for the last round in Monopoly,” attending resident, Dr Nuutz, told TheHoppler. Family and friends of the woman are all present at the hospital, but no one is particularly concerned. “No, no, we are used to this,” says the brother of the woman who has been hit several times after winning over his sister in Ludo.

Let her win

Friends and family have now agreed to let the woman win hereafter. They simply can’t handle all the outbursts of rage. In addition, the woman gets so angry every time she loses in games that she throws things of great value. “She managed to ruin a picture to $ 15,000 on last Easter holiday,” says the man to the woman who still has a black eye after a round of Hungry Hippos with his wife. “Unfortunately, it was me who won,” the man says softly as he looks down at the floor.