Mother in law forgotten in hot car


Left in hot car

The police in Florida report that in May there was a sharp increase in the number of cases where the police emergency preparedness group had to crush car routes because a mother-in-law was locked in hot cars. “We see that it is still locked in mother-in-law in hot cars,” says police chief Charles Wiggum

Sitting in the car and screaming

He says that there is a high risk associated with such a rescue operation; “The mother-in-law we lockout is usually furious and both jealous and acting manipulative,” said the chief. He says he has a full understanding of the men who lock in these ladies, but reminds that mother-in-law are also people. “Here it is important that the men swallow camels before life is lost,” he says

An old woman frowns and pouts angrily. She may simply be irritated or she could be senile and distressed.

Trapped for two hours

Locked in for 2 hours: Ruth Bathing Glitterburg was locked in for more than 2 hours after her son-in-law “forgot” that she was sitting in the back of the car. “Such mistakes happen then” says the son-in-law smiling. “This is something I never forget,” says Ruth, who is relatively open that she is in a passive-aggressive war with her son-in-law

The parking lot at Ikea

Only Saturday morning the police officer had to move out to Ikea at Sunrise, Florida (USA) 18 times. “Here we broke the windows and helped the mother-in-law out in fresh air. In most cases it turns out that it was the son-in-law who unfortunately had forgotten that mother-in-law sat in the back seat,” he says. Now he encourages anyone who is planning a summer vacation with his mother-in-law and to pay attention. “We see that divorces and domestic disturbances increase significantly when couples have or have visited the mother-in-law on the mother’s side,” the worried policeman said. His advice is to drive mother-in-law into the woods so they have to go home. “That way there is little chance they will return another time” he recommends

The National Mother-In-Law Association cannot comment on any specific cases but says they generally recommend their members to create the most discord and disgrace between their daughter and her boyfriend.