Nearsighted Becky bought three rare cats from nice man


Breaking NEWS: Near-sighted Becky (28 years old) bought three rare cats for over 10,000 Dollars of a nice man.
Becky Sanders from Californa is a lively and sympathetic cat lover. She is also very visually impaired and struggles to work optimally in everyday life. The joy was therefore great when she was offered to buy his three rare cats by a travelling Canadian. “They were just kittens when I got them, but they have grown very fast,” says Becky.

Rare race

Becky tells TheHoppler that the cats are from a breed called “Pussymosamus” and originate from Madagascar. “The man I bought them from said they were the world’s rarest cats breed and wanted $4,000 per kitten,” she says. But Becky was smart, she got the price down to $3800 per cat and therefore saved a total of $600 on the three kittens. “It is nice, but this cat breed is not as cuddly as other cats, and it is a bit of a shame” Becky smiles gently

Bites and smells bad

Furthermore, Becky tells that the cats are biting very hard and much and that it seems impossible and they get the living rooms. “I have been doing potty training now for almost three years, but they do not want to. They are doing absolutely everything everywhere”, says Becky, who is now considering selling the cats further. “Yes it is a lot of money, and I need money for an operation that might give me the vision back, so I’m thrilled that I have such valuable cats” concludes the almost blind catgirl.