People who look completely ordinary on the street can turn out to be something else in reality – Can you guess what they do?

Here is a completely extraordinary gallery of pictures showing us fully tattooed people. Our photographer has them dressed in the beginning, then take pictures of them in all their naked splendour… just to show you their great tattoos.

We have created this gallery to remind us that we should not judge people by appearance. Any person you meet can have a boring and completely everyday look and yet hide an amazing personality.

What about you? Could you have been one of those people?
… or do you simply have some hidden tattoos?

14This could be the kindergarten teacher for your kids?

13This could have been the coach for your sons’ little league team?

12This could have been a common assailant

11This could be your quiet villa-neighbour?

10This could have been the manager of the convenience store?

9This could be the church servant, the deacon or simply the priest?

8This could have been the sweet couple down the road?

7This could have been the manager of the local campsite?

6This could be the back of a total stranger

5This could have been your sweet aunt you hadn’t seen in many years?

4This could have been the dog owner you conversed politely with each time you were out and aired your dogs

3This could be the neighbourhood janitor

2This could be the head of the city planning department?

1This could have been the bus driver you nodded politely to every morning?