At the State Center for Interpersonal Relations, they have for several days been researching the relationship between ever-increasing relationships with children and children. The result of the comprehensive study is indisputable. Children’s selfish behaviour is to blame for as much as 97% of all sexual intercourse in Norway

Parents get tired of children

The study shows that children simply wear out their parents. This results in parents arguing more and eventually choosing and moving apart so that they can see the children 50% less. “It is clear that children should get along. It is time for parents to spend more time on difficult children and more time on their own,” says researcher and educator Simen Earnose Troth at the research centre

A big expense item

Children are also indirectly blamed for poor finances by Norwegian couples. “It’s no secret that Norwegian children are a huge expense. They take and take and do not contribute in any way with income to the household,” the researcher explains further. He believes more and more children can be adopted away if they continue and think only of themselves. “Nobody likes someone who only thinks about themselves” concludes the researcher who has no children himself. “Haha, no I’ll never have children” laughs the free and childless man

What do you mean, is a child a greater burden than joy?