Went to China to visit cat

Roger is one of many who is in quarantine in the UK. Roger had been travelling to China to visit the cat he is sponsoring and therefore had to be quarantined immediately when he returned home. “Many people say you can go crazy by being quarantined, but this is going well,” he says.

The days fly by

Although Roger has only been quarantined for 5 days, he admits that he feels like it`s been weeks and weeks. “Yes, the first days went by fast, but right now I think the days are going very slowly,” he says. He spends his days watching TV, clapping for others and smearing himself with cream and banana. “Yes, as it is, the days just fly by,” he smiles.

Must quit smoking

A great goal for Roger is to quit smoking. “So far, I have actually smoked significantly more, but I am optimistic and think I can quit,” he says while lighting smoke number 55 that day. Roger further states that he is available on video chat if anyone is interested. “Yes it is just calling, I just sit here and I smoke” he concludes.