No job for Rolf-Reidar!

Rolf-Reidar from Norway has applied for 103 jobs without getting a job. “Starting to get tired” he rages
Now he demands work from NAV(Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration)
Rolf-Reidar has applied for 103 jobs in the past year. Everyone within the service industry or care professions. Now he is heavily tired of all the rejections. Lars Thomas now believes NAV should guarantee his job.

Seeking every day

Since February of this year, LArs Thomas has applied for a job as a waitress at several hotels, he has applied for work as a night watchman for an elderly residence and he has applied for new challenges in a number of kindergartens around the eastern part of Norway. He has applied for 103 jobs in total, but has not been on a single interview! “I’m very sorry and don’t understand why it should be so difficult to get a job,” he says.


Is shit-bored: Rolf-Reidar from Horten, Norway has applied for 103 jobs in service and care-oriented occupations. He has not been on a single interview and despairing of employers who do not hire him.

Can’t explain

“I send resume with picture and a good application text. I’ve never been called back. It seems like they ignore my application” rages Rolf-Reidar. He has applied for job as, among other things, as a night watchman from an elderly centre that we contact; “Why doesn’t Rolf-Reidar get to work with you” we ask. “No comment” is all they want with. It, therefore, seems like a hopeless situation for Rolf-Reidar who now says he is starting to become heavily provoked.

NAV should hire me

As a final solution, Rolf-Reidar contacted NAV and asked them to fix this immediately. “If this is not fixed, I will be furious so now it must be taken”, concludes Lars Thomas. We have tried to obtain NAV for a comment, but there was no one who could comment on this specific case.