Allegra Cole believes her business idea is a quantum leap for women’s rights

Hi World. Meet Allegra Cole. Not only is she an entrepreneur, model, consultant, sex therapist, advisor, wife and concierge;

She is also the mother of eight children!

We first greet the happy family:

Allegra started her career as a boob model and claims she has been a model for her social media followers in a unique way. There has to be something to it because only on Instagram she has over 800,000 of them.
Allegra himself says; “They have seen me grow into a businesswoman, a pioneer in plastic surgery and a women’s activist.”

Allegra’s latest business idea, which allows women to get “group-financed” all their plastic surgical dreams, has received a lot of media attention. Allegra says she “will help women glow so they can be the best possible version of themselves”.

“I feel that plastic surgery gave me the exterior that suited me inside. It gave me my sexuality back! The confidence and strength I have felt after my operations have changed me. When I also see how great my body has been, and how it has been transformed before my eyes are the most amazing experience of my life, “she says.

I have been so blessed that I felt it was now my divine destiny to help other women reach their goals.

Allegra has had four breast enlargements, two Brazilian butt-lifts and one abdominal surgery.

She says her new website,, will be a platform where women can showcase their profiles, and if one or more people like your story, they can buy different photo packages and “content” from this proud woman.

These videos are called an independent women’s educational video:


“ is in beta now,” she says; “I work with a web designer to make it more interactive,” says Allegra.

Furthermore, she can tell that they already accept applicants and contributors. will be an extension of Allegra’s current website and business

We do not believe that this is for any reason other than to make women more honourable. And now we feel confident that the contributors are only good men who are only concerned with women’s rights.