angry lover

A woman woke up furiously at her husband after dreaming that he was unfaithful

A woman from London woke up early today, disappointed with her husband.

The woman had, during the night, dreamed a very realistic dream where she entered a room where her husband had sexual intercourse with a common acquaintance from high school.

Was cheating on her and laughing

The woman explains to TheHoppler that the man was unfaithful with an old classmate of hers in a room with pink wallpaper. “I came into the room and the two of them kept on laughing hysterically. When I came in, both turned to me and said ‘We are doing this because of the environmental policy'” says the woman who is really very fond of her husband. She woke up furious and the rage lasted well into the morning.

The man didn’t understand anything

The man, for his part, did not understand the situation. “I woke up with my wife staring at me and asking me how I could do this to her.

When I asked what she meant, she just said I should forget it and get into the shower and wash my pathetic body.

“I did not understand anything”

says the man who works daily as a teacher of children with the urge to wear yellow mittens Have you dreamed that your husband was unfaithful? Surely you may have been dreaming?